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Leads and prices

1. ‘Pay As You Go’ lead delivery
Quote Partner does not charge you any monthly subscription to receive leads. You receive leads by email or sms, within normal business hours, and if the lead is one that you wish to quote for, then you can purchase it by credit or debit card on a first come first serve basis. We only sell leads to 3 contractors maximum, so if you’re the 4th trying to buy it, you won’t be allowed to, you just need to get in quicker next time!

The first time you purchase a lead you securely give your credit card details on the bank’s servers (not ours), thereafter you just give your password to pay for leads and they will be paid for on the same card (or you can nominate an alternative card).
A quick and simple process to buy quality registered leads.

2. Why QuotePartner

No Contract.

No Minimum Spend.

No Minimum Term.

No Sign up Fee

No Monthly or Annual Subscription

No Problems !

3. What are the costs ?
The costs are laid out clearly on the email or sms alert you receive. There are no hidden costs. We keep the lead prices low, because we provide a simple ‘pay as you go’ cherry picking system which our huge database of satisfied contractors like. In fact it was our contractors who demanded this type of service, where they find the leads are of a high quality with low competition.

4. How good are the leads ?

As good as we can make them. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure that each lead has been registered. If names or requests look fake we delete the lead. If email address or telephone number look suspect, we delete the lead. If that fails, and we are informed by email within 48 hours of your purchasing the lead, we will credit your account with a free credit.

If you have a question that we haven't answered please email us on sales@quotepartner.co.uk

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